SCOTT M. BLUMEN, Diego Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Injury Lawyer


Since 1989, Scott M. Blumen has provided legal services to people in the San Diego area who need help with their personal injury or state workers' compensation injury claims. We represent people, not institutions!

Our firm produces favorable results because of our clearly-defined mission to listen to clients and achieve their goals through responsible and effective representation on a cost-efficient basis. We are a highly qualified, experienced, ethical firm dedicated to representing our client's best interests.
We will help keep you informed so that you are part of the decision-making process.
Scott M. Blumen and staff are proud of our constant communication with our clients. Our clients are encouraged to arrange direct electronic communication via e-mail, when possible.
We are conveniently located in Mission Valley. We provide service throughout California. Don't hunt around in the dark looking for the light switch! Your injury matters to us.


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